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Giving Up on Carbon Markets in Favor of a Giant Vacuum in the Sky?

I sat next to a distinguished climate scientist at a recent dinner, who told me point blank that “carbon markets have failed, which means one should give up on market based approaches to reducing emissions”. After the ecologist on my … Continue reading

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The Future of (Not) Driving

We have a momentous event coming up in my household: my son will turn 16 at the end of the month and will – if the DMV gods are agreeable – get his drivers license. This has sparked a lot … Continue reading

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The Distribution Grid Has Room for More Solar

There is evidence that bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to solar energy projects. Economies of scale suggest large projects would be more cost-effective than small ones. But recently, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) did an analysis of solar … Continue reading

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The Duck has Landed

May has arrived and days are getting longer and warmer. This is good news for baseball fans, barbecue enthusiasts, and grid operators concerned about integrating unprecedented levels of solar energy onto the California grid. Source: Solar panels at Busch Baseball … Continue reading

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Is Distributed Generation the Answer to Regulatory Dysfunction?

One delightful aspect of teaching an MBA course in energy and environmental markets is getting together with my former students as they pursue careers in the industries I study.  I learn so much about the latest trends and ideas in … Continue reading

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Cartels Work Unless They Don’t

I spend a lot of time describing unicorns in my undergraduate classroom. And by unicorns, I mean perfectly competitive markets and their features. If you’re a little rusty on this stuff, it goes like this: no single consumer or firm … Continue reading

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Automakers Complain, but CAFE Loopholes Make Standards Easier to Meet

With gasoline prices averaging $2 per gallon, Americans are flocking to gas-guzzling vehicles. Last year was the biggest year ever for the U.S. auto industry with 17.5 million total vehicle sales nationwide. Trucks, SUVs, and crossovers led the charge with … Continue reading

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Why Does the Media Ignore Grid-Scale Solar?

Last month, I went to a talk by someone I surprisingly hadn’t heard of before. Yosef Abramowitz is an entrepreneur whose company, Gigawatt Global, just constructed and commissioned the largest solar power plant in East Africa. The 8.5 MW solar … Continue reading

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Canada’s Got a Good Thing Going

It’s tax season and this makes many Americans pretty grumpy. According to a recent poll/parody, 27% of those surveyed indicate they would rather get an IRS tattoo than pay their taxes. Source Given the deep-seated ire that taxation can inspire … Continue reading

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Driving Taxes for the 21st Century

Both Max and Lucas have recently written on this blog about the need to price gasoline appropriately. I agree with them…mostly.  I mean, how could I disagree with them? I’m the one driving the gray Prius with the license plate … Continue reading

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