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Breaking News! California Electricity Prices are High

In case you missed it, a recent investigative piece in the LA Times unearthed the shocking fact that California retail electricity prices are high,  about 50% higher than the national average. The article’s main focus is on the fact that California has … Continue reading

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Learning to Frack

Technological advances and learning-by-doing have made U.S. shale oil profitable even at $55/barrel. Just ten years ago shale oil was expensive. Global oil prices spiked to $135/barrel in 2008 but shale oil didn’t and couldn’t respond. Now, at only $55/barrel, … Continue reading

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Have We Peaked?

The heat is on, and climate change will put significant strain on the US power grid – unless we do something about it. In the absence of any concrete new policy proposals coming out of the not-so-green White House, we … Continue reading

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If Trump Is Waging a War on Facts, What Should I Do?

In a single, very personal way, I benefited from Trump’s election victory. It led to an amazing mother-daughter bonding experience last weekend when I took my 14-year-old daughter to the Women’s March on Washington. It may not surprise blog readers … Continue reading

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Will Trump Negotiate a Better Coal Deal for Taxpayers?

It’s here. The first week of the Trump administration. And it promises to be a busy one. On the energy front, Trump has an ambitious agenda for his first days in office. Some policy changes will take time to execute. … Continue reading

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Fight Both Local and Global Pollution, But Separately

Since discussions of California’s cap and trade program for greenhouse gases (GHGs) began more than a decade ago, many environmental justice (EJ) leaders have voiced concerns about the fairness of cap and trade to disadvantaged communities.  Like most environmental economists, … Continue reading

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Risks of Going It Alone

A number of cities recently rang in the New Year with spectacular professional fireworks shows. Some parts of the US also allowed individual consumers to purchase fireworks and put on their own shows. That was the case where I grew … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Really Know How Much Electricity Goes into Cars?

There are lots of government policies that economists like to roll their collective eyes about and use as examples of bad incentives in economics textbooks. In many cases these policies are well intentioned, and may even be the best option … Continue reading

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Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts of All Time

This has been a record-breaking year for the Energy Institute at Haas Blog as readership has continued to grow. We’re proud that so many of you have come back week after week. We publish fresh, timely content to start each week, but in … Continue reading

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Policy Uncertainty Discourages Innovation and Hurts the Environment

Large-scale changes are anticipated for U.S. environmental policies heading into 2017. The new administration has promised a “comprehensive review of all federal regulations,” which include policies aimed at carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, fuel economy standards, oil and gas … Continue reading

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