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What (if anything) to do about California gasoline price spikes

Here we go again.  A couple refinery disruptions, a pipeline shutdown, and before you know it gas prices in California have jumped more than 50 cents compared to the rest of the country.  Soon politicians will be wringing their hands … Continue reading

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Tesoro’s Acquisition of BP’s Carson Refinery (California Prices at the Pump: Part 2)

Last week I provided my reactions to Senator Feinstein’s letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on market manipulation of gas prices after the Chevron Richmond refinery fire.  Speaking of prices at the pump in California, how will Tesoro’s pending acquisition … Continue reading

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California Prices at the Pump

On August 6, a fire tore through Chevron’s Richmond refinery.   The Richmond refinery is located in Northern California, a few miles outside of San Francisco, and is the third largest refinery in California.  Wholesale gasoline prices in California, as measured … Continue reading

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