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The Duck has Landed

May has arrived and days are getting longer and warmer. This is good news for baseball fans, barbecue enthusiasts, and grid operators concerned about integrating unprecedented levels of solar energy onto the California grid. Source: Solar panels at Busch Baseball … Continue reading

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Is Distributed Generation the Answer to Regulatory Dysfunction?

One delightful aspect of teaching an MBA course in energy and environmental markets is getting together with my former students as they pursue careers in the industries I study.  I learn so much about the latest trends and ideas in … Continue reading

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Could Microgrids Be Big in the US?

Three years ago this week, Hurricane Sandy began forming in the Caribbean Sea. It went on to wallop several Caribbean islands and the Eastern Seaboard. In the US the storm caused an estimated $75 billion in damage. The electricity system … Continue reading

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How Should Distributed Generation be Distributed?

Growth in the residential solar market continues apace. In the United States, residential solar PV installations last quarter were up 11 percent over the previous quarter: Source: http://www.greentechmedia.com/research/ussmi The figure  illustrates this impressive growth rate (in dark blue). However, this is … Continue reading

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Is the Future of Electricity Generation Really Distributed?

Renewable energy technologies have made outstanding progress in the last decade.  The cost of solar panels has plummeted.  Wind turbines have become massively more efficient.  In many places some forms of renewable energy are cost competitive.  And yet…just as these … Continue reading

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Remember back when everybody hated electricity deregulation?

Today we take a break from our regularly scheduled blogging about environmental topics to provide a brief message concerning electricity restructuring.  Severin Borenstein and I are finishing up a draft paper for the Annual Review of Economics (available as a … Continue reading

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