Energy Institute at Haas – News

Lucas Davis in Scientific American Low Gas Prices Smooth Path for Carbon Add-On in California  (01/06/2015)

Severin Borenstein in Texas, Calif. throw their weight around on power plant regulations  (01/05/2015)

Severin Borenstein in The Sacramento Bee Gas prices rise for first time in weeks; California cap-and-trade effect cited  (01/02/2015)

Severin Borenstein in The Huffington Post Marketing California’s “Climate Credit for Cars” to Everyone  (12/30/2014)

Severin Borenstein in The Fresno Bee Coming in 2015: A gas price increase that consumers may or may not notice  (12/20/2014)

Lucas Davis in CBS Miami EnergyGuide Labels Accuracy In Question  (12/19/14)

Severin Borenstein on Low gas prices help state economy  (12/17/2014)

California names Severin Borenstein as one of 5 members of Petroleum Market Advisory Committee (12/16/2014)

Severin Borenstein Op-Ed, “Learning to Love Paying 10 more Cents at the Pump”, in the LA Times (12/14/2014)

Severin Borenstein on Gas Prices Drop to 4-Year Low  on KQED Forum (12/05/2014)

Severin Borenstein on gas prices Morning Addition – (12/09/2014)

Severin Borenstein on cap-and-trade “Double Whammy for State Fuel Suppliers” in Breaking Energy (12/05/2014)

EI Faculty comment on: “Top economists analyze Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan” in Environmental Research Web (11/172014)

EI Faculty comment on: “Can It Work? Economists Grade a Key Part of Obama’s Climate Policy” in NBC News (11/13/2014)

Lucas Davis on Better Yellow Labels, Consumer Talk with Michael Finney, KGO-Radio (11/08/2014)

Severin Borenstein in, “Bernie Sanders Shatters The Big Keystone XL Lie: Pipeline Will Cause US Gas Prices To Go Up” (11/07/2014)

EI@Haas Working Paper, “Studies Cast Doubt on Value of Daylight- Saving Time”,  WSJ (10/31/2014)

Severin Borenstein in Marketplace, “SolarCity Courts Customers by Selling Bonds”

Lucas Davis in The Wall Street Journal, “How to Cut Residential Energy Use” (9/28/2014)

Lucas Davis in Marketplace, “The Price of AC Units Has Cooled Down” (9/26/2014)

Severin Borenstein in Environment 360, “Oil Companies Quietly Prepare For a Future of Carbon Pricing” (9/23/2014)

Severin Borenstein in Bloomberg Businessweek, “Shell’s Jekyll and Hyde Approach to Climate Change” (9/08/14)

Catherine Wolfram in The New York Times, “Accounting for the Expanding Carbon Shadow from Coal-Burning Plants” (8/28/14)

Meredith Fowlie in Climate Central “Coal Terminal Decision Highlights Exports’ GHGs” (8/21/14)

Lucas Davis in the Milken Review, “The Cost of Global Fuel Subsidies” (7/29/14)

Severin Borenstein in BBC News “Scottish independence: Life beyond oil in Texas and California”  (7/10/14)

Press Release: Final Report on California Cap-and-Trade by Market Simulation Group (7/7/14)

Severin Borenstein in the Los Angeles Times “Cable TV boxes become 2nd biggest energy users in many homes” (6/17/14)

EI@Haas Working paper, “The Economic Cost of Global Fuel Subsidies” by Lucas Davis gets attention in WSJ blog, Huffington Post, Chicago Policy Review, Economist, and The Atlantic

Severin Borenstein on solar growth on Marketplace “Solar Grows, With Government Help” (4/18/14)

Severin Borenstein on energy markets and utilities on KPCC Southern California Public Radio “PG&E charged with 12 criminal counts for fatal 2010 San Bruno blast” (4/2/14)

Maximilian Auffhammer on pollution in China on the BBC News (3/4/14)

Catherine Wolfram on energy and water in The Los Angeles Times “Water conservation’s other benefit: It’s a power saver” (3/3/14)

Severin Borenstein on natural gas prices on Marketplace “Natural gas bills are up and not just because of cold” (2/25/14)

Severin Borenstein on proposed a carbon tax on gas and other fuels on KQED Forum “Proposed Gas Tax Would Alter Climate Law” (2/24/14)

Catherine Wolfram on climate change on KALW Local Public Radio “Today on Your Call: Can we make the energy transition required by climate change?” (12/18/13)

Veronica Irastorza on Efficiency Programs in Mexico in Public Utilities Fortnightly “Energy Efficiency Unknowns” (12/1/13)

Catherine Wolfram on Energy Efficiency in NPR’s Weekend Edition “Tech Leaders, Economists Split Over Clean Energy’s Prospects” (11/26/13)

Catherine Wolfram on world carbon emissions in NPR’s Morning Edition “What’s In It For U.S. To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions?” (11/26/13)

Catherine Wolfram on shifting solar costs in The Huffington Post “Utility, solar company battle over rooftop panels” (11/18/13)

Severin Borenstein on smart meters in NPR’s All Things Considered “Some Consumers Push Back Against ‘Smart’ Utility Meters” (8/13/2013)

Catherine Wolfram with The E2e Project on “Saving energy is great. But how much is actually possible?” in the Washington Post (6/18/2013)

Catherine Wolfram on MPG Want to Boost Fuel Economy? Stop Thinking About Miles Per Gallon in the Washington Post (6/6/2013)

Severn Borenstein speaks at Travers Conference on Ethics and Accountability regarding “California’s Energy/Climate Policy: Exporting Green Innovation”

Lucas Davis testifies on need for rigorous energy efficiency evaluation at “California State Assembly Hearing on Energy Efficiency” (3/6/2103)

Elizabeth Bailey, Christopher Knittel and Catherine Wolfram on energy efficiency in “Energy efficiency needs more research” in USA Today (2/28/2013)

Catherine Wolfram speaks on energy efficiency evaluation at Senator Forum on California Senate Bill 39 (1/23/2013)

Catherine Wolfram on energy efficiency in “Viewpoints: What can California learn from clothier about energy efficiency?” in the Sacramento Bee (1/16/2013)

Energy Institute Research Alumnus, Carla Peterman, appointed as newest Commissioner to the California Public Utilities Commission (12/21/12)

Meredith Fowlie, Matthew Kahn, and Frank Wolak on AB-32 in “California Law Tests Company Responses to Carbon Costs” in The New York Times (12/24/2012)

Elizabeth M. Bailey and Frank Wolak on “Cap and trade should look to broader goals” in the Sacramento Bee (11/02/2012)

Severin Borenstein and Ryan Kellogg on “U.S. Oil Boom Falls Short of Pump” in the Wall Street Journal (10/15/2012)

Severin Borenstein on gas price spikes on “In Depth: Bay Area Energy Expert Advocates for Investments in Science and Tech” on KCBS (10/15/2012)

Severin Borenstein on gas price spikes on “Pain at the Pump in California” KQED (10/8/2012)

Elizabeth M. Bailey and Catherine Wolfram on new business models in “A Whole Different Kind of Innovation” in the Wall Street Journal (6/18/2012)

Catherine Wolfram on energy efficiency in “Why We Ignore Low-Tech Fixes for the Climate” in The Washington Post (6/2/2012)

Catherine Wolfram on low-tech cleantech in “Fighting Climate Change with Low-Tech Tools” in Bloomberg View (5/20/2012)

Severin Borenstein on the price of gas in “Straight Talk on the Price of Gas.” in NPR’s On Point (4/9/2012)

Severin Borenstein on high gas prices in “The U.S. Can’t Control the World Oil Market,” in (3/2/2012)

Severin Borenstein on renewable energy in “Making the Wrong Case for Renewable Energy,” Bloomberg Business Class (2/13/2012)

Catherine Wolfram on “Rising Middle Class Fuels Global Energy Surge” in Bloomberg Business Class (1/17/2012)

Max Auffhammer on climate change in California in “Governor Jerry Brown Kicks Off California Climate Change Conference with Attack on ‘Deniers‘” in (12/15/2011)

Lucas Davis on nuclear power post-Fukushima in “Nuclear Concerns Temporary, Berkeley Prof Says” in The Chicago Maroon (11/18/2011)

Severin Borenstein on residential solar technology in “State Gets Mixed Reviews on Solar Power” in The Los Angeles Times (11/9/2011)

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