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Building Codes Don’t Save Electricity… or Do They?

It’s been blistering hot in the western U.S. Last week’s record-breaking temperatures had roads buckling, planes grounded, and electricity demand soaring. Temperatures in California last week: Source High temperatures drive up peak electricity demand which drives up investment in costly … Continue reading

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California’s Carbon Border Wall

With all that’s been happening in Washington DC, you may have taken your finger off the pulse of California climate change policy. But now’s a good time to check back in. There’s a new cap-and-trade proposal in town, and it’s … Continue reading

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Renewables Dis-integration?

This post is co-authored with Duncan Callaway. Ahhhh Hawai’i, where the waves are big, the beaches are long, and the renewable energy ambitions are large: Source                              … Continue reading

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How Would Energy Prices Adjust to the Border Adjustment Tax?

In a recent Saturday Night Live episode, Baldwin-as-Trump is casting about for clever ways to get Mexico to pay for the border wall. But with each attempt, the joke is on him, and Americans are left footing the bill. Source … Continue reading

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Will Trump Negotiate a Better Coal Deal for Taxpayers?

It’s here. The first week of the Trump administration. And it promises to be a busy one. On the energy front, Trump has an ambitious agenda for his first days in office. Some policy changes will take time to execute. … Continue reading

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Climate Change and the Post-Election Blues

I am living in a very blue state. The graph below charts Google searches for “stages of grief”. The spike in grief-stricken web/soul searching corresponds with- you guessed it- the 2016 election. The map shows where, in the days following … Continue reading

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Is Cap and Trade Failing Low Income and Minority Communities?

Pollution – like income- is unequally distributed. In fact, pollution exposure is more unequally distributed than income in the U.S. for some pollutants. Refinery in Wilmington, CA. Credit: Luis Sinco/LA Times Exposure to pollution-related health risks, accumulated over a lifetime, … Continue reading

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If a Tree Falls in the Forest…Should We Use It to Generate Electricity?

Every summer vacation, we pack our tree-hugging family into the car and head for the Sierra Nevada mountains. In many respects, our trip this summer was just like any other year, complete with family bonding moments and awe-inspiring wilderness experiences: … Continue reading

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The Promise and Perils of Linking Carbon Markets

The theme of the week is “We’re stronger together“.  This rallying cry applies in lots of places.. including climate change mitigation!   So this week’s blog looks at how this theme is playing out in carbon markets. A good place to start … Continue reading

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Time to Unleash the Carbon Market?

What’s a ton of carbon (dioxide equivalent) worth? Not much if you ask the world’s carbon markets. The graph below summarizes prices and quantities covered by existing carbon emissions trading programs (green) and carbon taxes (blue).  Nearly all carbon market … Continue reading

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