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Maximilian Auffhammer is the George Pardee Professor of International Sustainable Development at the University of California Berkeley. His fields of expertise are environmental and energy economics, with a specific focus on the impacts and regulation of climate change and air pollution.

Coal Mining: Jobs to Die For?

For every one to two jobs a non-miner dies each year. [This post is coauthored with Carolyn Fischer at RFF]. If you open the papers it seems like the current administration thinks that coal is the next hot thing. As … Continue reading

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Save the California Waiver!

How a “little” California vehicle standard prevented an urban “airmaggedon” My midlife crisis did not lead to me to buy a German convertible — which would assist me in tanning my bald head and at the same time increasing the … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Standards

Economists have long complained about Fuel Efficiency standards. Are we happy now? The past 50 days felt like the beginning of a game of environmental policy Jenga. The new administration is starting to pull pegs from the tower of environmental … Continue reading

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Have We Peaked?

The heat is on, and climate change will put significant strain on the US power grid – unless we do something about it. In the absence of any concrete new policy proposals coming out of the not-so-green White House, we … Continue reading

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Milton Friedman Is Dead,

… and really misunderstood. Many of my colleagues are trying to find a silver lining in the outcome of the election, but for those of us concerned with energy and the environment I am afraid all we’re going find is … Continue reading

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The Future Is at Stake

An orange or a green planet? That is the question. I like my politics. A lot. Usually, election time is my favorite time of every other year. I became a US citizen in 2008 and recall casting my first vote … Continue reading

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I’m Not Really Down with Most Top Down Evaluations

Lunches at Berkeley are never boring. This week I had an engaging discussion with a colleague from out of town who asked me what I thought about statistical top down approaches to evaluating energy efficiency programs. In my excitement, I … Continue reading

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Spying on You from Space

The chest thumping in economics about how big and cool our datasets are is becoming somewhat unbearable. Bigger is not always better. In fact, one of the many reasons why we love the field of statistics is that we don’t … Continue reading

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Mitigation Bingo

I am clearly not a historian, but has there ever been a more dynamic, physically fit and forward-looking trio in charge of North America’s future? It’s not gender balanced, but hey, maybe we can fix that in November. At their … Continue reading

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Giving Up on Carbon Markets in Favor of a Giant Vacuum in the Sky?

I sat next to a distinguished climate scientist at a recent dinner, who told me point blank that “carbon markets have failed, which means one should give up on market based approaches to reducing emissions”. After the ecologist on my … Continue reading

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