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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022

The year’s most popular blog posts addressed rooftop solar policy and the path to electrifying homes and transportation.

The widespread adoption of solar energy by California households led the state’s policymakers to examine whether residents are reaping unfair and unsustainable benefits for their clean energy investments. The California Public Utilities Commission issued a decision last week modifying the state’s solar rates. In the year leading up to the CPUC’s decision, readers came to the Energy Institute Blog to find analysis of policy proposals and recommendations for reform, putting solar-related posts at the top of the list.

Beyond the source of renewable electricity, the next frontier of mass market energy policy is focused on convincing households and businesses to move away from the direct combustion of natural gas in homes, and gasoline and diesel in vehicles. Many of the year’s most popular blog posts examined aspects of the electrification challenge. The impact of electrification on the distribution grid, home heating and cooling decisions, challenges faced by renters, pollution from vehicle charging, and even electric bikes were all addressed in popular blog posts.

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 1. Everyone Should Pay a “Solar Tax” by James Bushnell, 2/14/22

Monthly connection fees are good for the climate.

2. California’s Misguided Rooftop Solar Debate by Severin Borenstein, 1/10/22

The goal should be equitably saving the planet, not growing one industry.

3.  Myths that Solar Owners Tell Themselves by Severin Borenstein, 6/5/22

Reaching into the e-mailbag to address some unhappy blog readers.

4. What Will Electrification Cost (the Distribution System)? by Meredith Fowlie, 6/27/22

Coming soon to a feeder near you.

5. Fighting Climate Change with Heat Pumps by Duncan Callaway and Meredith Fowlie, 9/6/22

Heat pumps are cool. When new refrigerant regulations take hold, they’ll be much cooler.

6. How High Did California’s Electricity Prices Get? by Lucas Davis, 9/12/22

Wholesale electricity prices soared during California’s September heat wave.

7. Electric Vehicles for Renters: Getting Landlords to Act by Andrew Campbell, 1/18/22

My experience managing a rental property illustrates barriers to electric vehicle charging and ways to overcome them.

8. How Many U.S. Households Don’t Have Air Conditioning? by Lucas Davis, 8/15/22

With rising adoption, nearly 90% of American homes have air conditioning, but almost 30% in California are still without it.

9. If the Grid is Getting Greener, How Can EVs Be Driving Dirtier? by Meredith Fowlie, 4/11/22

And what does this mean for our vehicle electrification goals?

10. Swedish E-Bikes by Lucas Davis, 4/25/22

Uppmärksamhet! New research digs into the economics of ebikes.

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Suggested citation: Campbell, Andrew. “Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022” Energy Institute Blog, UC Berkeley, December 19, 2022,

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Andrew Campbell is the Executive Director of the Energy Institute at Haas. Andy has worked in the energy industry for his entire professional career. Prior to coming to the University of California, Andy worked for energy efficiency and demand response company, Tendril, and grid management technology provider, Sentient Energy. He helped both companies navigate the complex energy regulatory environment and tailor their sales and marketing approaches to meet the utility industry’s needs. Previously, he was Senior Energy Advisor to Commissioner Rachelle Chong and Commissioner Nancy Ryan at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). While at the CPUC Andy was the lead advisor in areas including demand response, rate design, grid modernization, and electric vehicles. Andy led successful efforts to develop and adopt policies on Smart Grid investment and data access, regulatory authority over electric vehicle charging, demand response, dynamic pricing for utilities and natural gas quality standards for liquefied natural gas. Andy has also worked in Citigroup’s Global Energy Group and as a reservoir engineer with ExxonMobil. Andy earned a Master in Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and bachelors degrees in chemical engineering and economics from Rice University.

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  1. If utilities make grid connection unprofitable for the rooftop solar panel owner, then disconnecting from the grid and adding batteries is the next best choice as off-grid systems are viable and profitable still in California. I know because have one and it has beaten the utility prices now for 15 years.

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