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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

The Energy Institute at Haas strives to bridge the gap between the frontiers of economics and the marketplace. We do this through our working paper series, advice to policymakers, and Energy Institute Blog.

Every week, researchers at the Energy Institute at Haas post a new blog that explores the economic implications of current energy debates and highlights important new research.

We’ve had plenty of raw material to work with this year: major swings in federal energy policy, California electricity and greenhouse gas markets pushing into uncharted territory, Latin America emerging as a low cost renewable energy leader, and low income countries experimenting with ways to expand electricity access.

Now let’s wind down 2017 with a look at the year’s most popular Energy Institute at Haas blog posts.

#10 Is Solar Really the Reason for Negative Electricity Prices?

Solar gets all the attention, but another explanation is at least as important.
by Lucas Davis
August 28, 2017

#9 Another Victory for the Behavioral Economists

A recent working paper shows that insights from behavioral economics help explain consumers’ choices in a demand response program.

by Catherine Wolfram
November 13, 2017

#8 Missing Money

Transitioning to renewable generation is challenging electricity market designs.
by Severin Borenstein
April 3, 2017

#7 The Problem with Demand Response

A recent event highlights the difficulties setting baselines for demand response programs.
by Catherine Wolfram
September 25, 2017

#6 Four Reasons Why Chile Is the Biggest Solar Market in Latin America

Despite recent challenges, Chile remains an attractive market for grid-scale solar.
by Lucas Davis
March 27, 2017

#5 Stop Blaming Drivers for Mexico City’s Smog

Cleaner gasoline could be the key to reducing ozone in Mexico City.
by Lucas Davis
June 5, 2017

#4 The Renewable Energy Auction Revolution

What’s up with record low renewable energy prices? Policy innovation is key to harnessing renewable energy potential.
by Meredith Fowlie
August 7, 2017

#3 Breaking News! California Electricity Prices are High

Renewable energy mandates might have something to do with it.
by James Bushnell
February 21, 2017

#2 Is the Duck Sinking?

Lots of solar and hydropower have led to negative wholesale electricity prices in California.
by Catherine Wolfram
April 24, 2017

#1 Evidence of a Decline in Electricity Use by U.S. Households

It has been slowing down for decades, but is electricity use by American households now going down?
by Lucas Davis
May 8, 2017



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