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Cross-state power flows complicate the Clean Power Plan

The release of the IPCC Synthesis Report earlier this month underscores the need for swift and aggressive action to combat climate change.  With the shifting control of Congress, answering that call becomes more of an uphill battle. Image source One … Continue reading

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Renewable integration challenges create demand response opportunities

The power grid is getting greener. The graph below summarizes EIA projections of U.S. non-hydro electricity generation under different assumptions about greenhouse gas regulations, fuel prices, and technology costs: Source: http://www.eia.gov/todayinenergy/detail.cfm?id=16051 Although there is some debate over whether these EIA … Continue reading

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Will Smog in China Spur Climate Solutions?

I have read a number of news stories about air pollution in the major Chinese cities recently. A soupy smog of particulates, ozone, sulfur and nitrogen oxides hangs over Beijing, Tianjin and other northern cities. The concentration of particulate matter … Continue reading

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The Politics of Renewable Energy

I found yesterday’s NY Times article on the shifting politics of renewable energy morbidly fascinating on both a political and economic level. Basically the article pieces together anecdotes of odd-couple political alliances between renewable energy boosters and Republicans, Libertarians (e.g. … Continue reading

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Are Fossil Fuel Subsidies Really the Problem for Renewables?

I had a great time last Friday at Berkeley’s Annual Energy Symposium put on by the Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative.  Interesting people, interesting talks, and great to catch up with former students who are now working in all parts … Continue reading

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Is Residential Solar Sticking it to the Man (your utility)?

The renewable energy industry has many cultural roots. One branch that pops up in a recent NY Times Magazine article on the Solar Industry is that of the energy rebel sticking it to the man (e.g. your utility). Imagine a world in … Continue reading

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Many Reasons to Dislike Renewables Mandates, but Fraudulent Credits Isn’t a Good One

There’s been a lot of e-discussion since July 4th about the New York Times article on renewable fuel credits that were fraudulently sold by a not-so-clever crook in Maryland.  He claimed to be producing millions of gallons of biodiesel, which … Continue reading

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