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It’s Time to Refocus California’s Climate Strategy

You know this already, but let’s review: Climate change is a global emissions problem. California produces about 1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Over the next few decades, the majority of emissions will come from developing countries. If we … Continue reading

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In Defense of Picking Winners

Virtually all economists working on climate change agree that we should price GHG emissions.  Doing so creates an incentive to reduce emissions without the government directing specific technology adoptions or activity changes, that is, without “picking winners.” Nearly as many … Continue reading

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Cap-and-Trade Throws a Wrench into the Gears of Green Consumerism

Last week, Severin posted a great piece on household electricity consumption. Armed with a simple metering device and your energy bill, you can easily measure how your various household appliances affect your energy consumption and your pocketbook. Understanding the link … Continue reading

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California’s Cap-and-Trade Market Still Needs a Price Ceiling

Back in May, I blogged about the problem of low GHG allowance prices in the EU-ETS.  I explained the sound reasons for having both a price floor and a price ceiling in any allowance market where science doesn’t dictate a … Continue reading

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Marginal vs. Average Generation: The Case of the Electric Car

I have a fantasy. I want a cool looking electric car, that gets 50+mpg and is not outrageously more expensive to buy and operate than a VW Golf when driven 12,000 miles per year. I was excited when I saw that the … Continue reading

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