Energy Institute at Haas – News

Severin Borenstein on energy markets and utilities on KPCC Southern California Public Radio “PG&E charged with 12 criminal counts for fatal 2010 San Bruno blast” (4/2/14)

Maximilian Auffhammer on pollution in China on the BBC News (3/4/14)

Catherine Wolfram on energy and water in The Los Angeles Times “Water conservation’s other benefit: It’s a power saver” (3/3/14)

Severin Borenstein on natural gas prices on Marketplace “Natural gas bills are up and not just because of cold” (2/25/14)

Severin Borenstein on proposed a carbon tax on gas and other fuels on KQED Forum “Proposed Gas Tax Would Alter Climate Law” (2/24/14)

Catherine Wolfram on climate change on KALW Local Public Radio “Today on Your Call: Can we make the energy transition required by climate change?” (12/18/13)

Veronica Irastorza on Efficiency Programs in Mexico in Public Utilities Fortnightly “Energy Efficiency Unknowns” (12/1/13)

Catherine Wolfram on Energy Efficiency in NPR’s Weekend Edition “Tech Leaders, Economists Split Over Clean Energy’s Prospects” (11/26/13)

Catherine Wolfram on world carbon emissions in NPR’s Morning Edition “What’s In It For U.S. To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions?” (11/26/13)

Catherine Wolfram on shifting solar costs in The Huffington Post “Utility, solar company battle over rooftop panels” (11/18/13)

Severin Borenstein on smart meters in NPR’s All Things Considered “Some Consumers Push Back Against ‘Smart’ Utility Meters” (8/13/2013)

Catherine Wolfram with The E2e Project on “Saving energy is great. But how much is actually possible?” in the Washington Post (6/18/2013)

Catherine Wolfram on MPG Want to Boost Fuel Economy? Stop Thinking About Miles Per Gallon in the Washington Post (6/6/2013)

Severn Borenstein speaks at Travers Conference on Ethics and Accountability regarding “California’s Energy/Climate Policy: Exporting Green Innovation”

Lucas Davis testifies on need for rigorous energy efficiency evaluation at “California State Assembly Hearing on Energy Efficiency” (3/6/2103)

Elizabeth Bailey, Christopher Knittel and Catherine Wolfram on energy efficiency in “Energy efficiency needs more research” in USA Today (2/28/2013)

Catherine Wolfram speaks on energy efficiency evaluation at Senator Forum on California Senate Bill 39 (1/23/2013)

Catherine Wolfram on energy efficiency in “Viewpoints: What can California learn from clothier about energy efficiency?” in the Sacramento Bee (1/16/2013)

Energy Institute Research Alumnus, Carla Peterman, appointed as newest Commissioner to the California Public Utilities Commission (12/21/12)

Meredith Fowlie, Matthew Kahn, and Frank Wolak on AB-32 in “California Law Tests Company Responses to Carbon Costs” in The New York Times (12/24/2012)

Elizabeth M. Bailey and Frank Wolak on “Cap and trade should look to broader goals” in the Sacramento Bee (11/02/2012)

Severin Borenstein and Ryan Kellogg on “U.S. Oil Boom Falls Short of Pump” in the Wall Street Journal (10/15/2012)

Severin Borenstein on gas price spikes on “In Depth: Bay Area Energy Expert Advocates for Investments in Science and Tech” on KCBS (10/15/2012)

Severin Borenstein on gas price spikes on “Pain at the Pump in California” KQED (10/8/2012)

Elizabeth M. Bailey and Catherine Wolfram on new business models in “A Whole Different Kind of Innovation” in the Wall Street Journal (6/18/2012)

Catherine Wolfram on energy efficiency in “Why We Ignore Low-Tech Fixes for the Climate” in The Washington Post (6/2/2012)

Catherine Wolfram on low-tech cleantech in “Fighting Climate Change with Low-Tech Tools” in Bloomberg View (5/20/2012)

Severin Borenstein on the price of gas in “Straight Talk on the Price of Gas.” in NPR’s On Point (4/9/2012)

Severin Borenstein on high gas prices in “The U.S. Can’t Control the World Oil Market,” in (3/2/2012)

Severin Borenstein on renewable energy in “Making the Wrong Case for Renewable Energy,” Bloomberg Business Class (2/13/2012)

Catherine Wolfram on “Rising Middle Class Fuels Global Energy Surge” in Bloomberg Business Class (1/17/2012)

Max Auffhammer on climate change in California in “Governor Jerry Brown Kicks Off California Climate Change Conference with Attack on ‘Deniers‘” in (12/15/2011)

Lucas Davis on nuclear power post-Fukushima in “Nuclear Concerns Temporary, Berkeley Prof Says” in The Chicago Maroon (11/18/2011)

Severin Borenstein on residential solar technology in “State Gets Mixed Reviews on Solar Power” in The Los Angeles Times (11/9/2011)

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